Email Security: Three Easy Ways to Protect Your Accounts from Prying Eyes

Email is undoubtedly an essential communication tool for business. But it also comes with security and privacy concerns. Email hacking is happening more often, and free email providers may be selling your information to advertisers.

But it doesn’t always have to be like this.

There are ways to secure your email, giving you total privacy and high-end security. And that’s what this post is about.

Change Your Password Often

You would actually be surprised at how easy it is to crack simple passwords. There are tons of tools available to do this job, and they are getting increasingly better at it. For that reason, it is essential to choose a strong password and change it often.

In this case, a strong password includes special characters, numbers, and letters in both upper and lower case. This combination will buy you enough time to reach the next scheduled password change. Also, add 2-factor security to tie your phone number to an email account.

Consider Encrypting Your Emails

Now that your account is secure, it’s time to protect the messages.

Look for an email provider who offers encryption services as part of their package. Gmail is an excellent example of such a service. But then, they are known to read user emails for unclear reasons.

Alternatively, go with Microsoft’s Outlook. They offer an end to end encryption service that has a lot of positive reviews.

Secure the Line with a VPN

Using a VPN is another excellent way to secure email. It creates a tunnel between you and the receiver, making it incredibly hard for hackers to “listen in” on conversations. Most people use VPNs to hide online activity from ISPs, but they also go a long way in securing communication.

The bottom line?

Securing your email is easy. It starts with changing your password and ends in encrypting your messages and internet connection.