How to Repair a Damaged Email Reputation

There’s more to email marketing than simply writing a few words and pressing ‘send.’ You also need to worry about deliverability, quality of content, permissions, and more. But if you get these right, you’ll be rewarded with a good return on your investment, while a wrong move could end up ruining your email reputation.

In this post, our email experts will walk you through the process of repairing a damaged email reputation.

Know Where You Went Wrong

The first step towards repairing your email reputation is knowing where you made a mistake. Then you can act accordingly. Here’s the deal: Any emails that get high spam complaints, low opens, and high bounce rates are hurting your campaign. Try to find out what went wrong. Maybe you are sending emails too often, or the content is not adequately targeted. Whatever the case, you need to fix it. Your email reputation depends on it.

How to Fix a Damaged Email Reputation

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fix one’s email reputation once it’s been tarnished. That’s why you need to keep track of everything you do. That way, you can look for patterns and irregularities in key metrics, such as bounce rates, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and clicks.

Also, you might want to consider mixing up the content of your emails. Include a few graphics, experiment with tones, then monitor your key metrics. If there’s a positive change, continue to maintain the same strategy for a while.

However, it is also important to weed out inactive email subscribers. A smaller, more engaged email list is much better than a larger, inactive one.

The Bottom Line

Stay on top of the important metrics. It is the only way to know when something goes wrong with your email campaign. Then be prepared to do something about it.